Thursday, July 21, 2016

Difficult to create a PIN in Krisflyer website

Singapore Airlines has a badly designed website. I had a lot of problems with it many years ago.

Recently, I have to register a Krisflyer account for my wife. The nightmare came back again.

I went through a very painful process to register a PIN. After many steps, it showed the following CAPCHA. I could not read it. When I tried to change it, it rejected my entry.

I tried a few times. After passing through the CAPCHA, it told me that my PIN is invalid. What is happening? I was just trying to create a PIN.

After going through this painful process for half an hour, the website told me that I am locked out. I have to come back in 24 hours time.

Why does Singapore Airlines designed website that is difficult to use. It is troublesome even to create a PIN.


Later, I realized how I got confused.

At the webpage, I was asked to enter the Krisflyer No, date of birth and email address for confirmation. I was then given a difficult CAPCHA.

I was then brought to another page which asked me to enter my PIN. I thought that this was the PIN that I preferred to use.

I just learned that they had sent a temporary PIN to my email address and I should be using that PIN. They should have made it clear.

I had a lot of problem with their website five years ago. I still have a lot of problem with it today.


Anonymous said...

The CAPCHA doesn't seem so difficult? and you can always click on the button to request for a different text or to listen it. It is quite intuitive.. no?

Maybe you should share what's the instruction that caused your confusion?

Tan Kin Lian said...

My eyesight is not good. I can't read the CAPCHA. The change CAPCHA does not work. It brought me out of the page. This is what makes the website TERRIBLE.

Tan Kin Lian said...

After passing through the CAPCHA (tried several times), I was brought to anothe webpage to enter my new PIN. This was misleading. They sent a temporary PIN to me, but they did not tell me that I had to use the temporary PIN. I tried entering my "new PIN" a few times and then got locked out. This is why the website is TERRIBLE. (I did not have issue with countless other websites).

Unknown said...

Mr true..SIA has a terrible website n this pin issue occurred to me as well. It wld be good if SIA/Krisflyer wld simplify!

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