Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Difficult to register a new company in ACRA website

A friend wanted to set up a new company. He had a lot of trouble with the ACRA website. He asked the ACRA staff if it is possible for him to visit the ACRA office and get the procedure sorted out with the help of the staff.

ACRA staff said that they have stopped the counter service after the launch of the new ACRA website.

ACRA should take note of the following:

a) Their staff handle the ACRA process every day. It is easy for them to know what to do, and is necessary, what is not necessary and what needs to be done.

b) The public is not familiar with their website and their registration process. It can be extremely painful for them to read tons of "how to do it" pages and still get lost.

c) ACRA should continue to provide the counter service for people who are not familiar with their complicated process.

I hope that ACRA and other government agencies realize that their online process can be quite difficult for the public who do not use their service regularly. They should provide an option for the public to use their staff who are familiar with their process.

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