Sunday, July 17, 2016

Complicated bus guide

I saw this bus guide at the bus stop in Stamford Road. It is extremely complicated to read. This guide has been used for over five years. I wonder if the Land Transport Authority has received feedback about this guide?
I hope that they will change it to be simpler for the public to read.

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Yujuan said...

Earlier on, found it a drag reading TKL's articles on bus transport in Singapore, but now start to take more notice for 3 reasons - the car COE is expiring, decide to hold on getting new car and rely on public transport. The other reason is the rise of Uber based taxi, working on taxi sharing, would cut down a passenger's share of fare greatly. This service would be the catalyst to bring down the high COEs, no need to buy 2nd or 3rd car.
The 3rd reason based on security fears- the rise of terrorism in SEA, our fumbling SPF dun give us security, so better avoid taking MRT rides, esp to crowded places like Orchard, Dhoby Ghaut, City Hall, where terrorists could be easily "invisible" among the throngs. The young NS boys proudly patrolling the Stations with guns and rifles look more like the cardboard Police Boards standing around. Better take bus, or taxis, ordinary or Uber/Grab.
Mr. Tan's blogging info would come in handy.

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