Thursday, July 26, 2018

Separate access between Internet and Intranet

DPM Teo said that the health database should be separated from the Internet.  This will cause problems because the database is used by doctors within the community.

I like to suggest how this issue can be handled.

Within a computer system, there is a portion that is accessed through the Intranet and another portion through the public Internet.

The staff working in the hospitals can access the database using the Intranet that is not linked to the Internet. This will prevent hackers from accessing the system that is used by the staff.

The staff has more functions and the access is strictly through the Intranet - where there is better control.

The doctors in the wider community can access the database using the Internet, but the functions are restricted. They can only access one patient record at a time and the access is logged.

This approach recognizes that the public access through the Internet should be restricted to a limited function.

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