Thursday, July 26, 2018

Pay attention to what is happening on the ground

It is important for senior people to pay attention to what is happening on the ground on a day to day basis.

For example, the managers of a bus company should check if the bus services are being run punctually.

If the traffic condition cause the buses to bunch together, it is beyond the control of the bus drivers or the supervisors. But the bunching could be due to lack of adherence to the time schedules.

With database technology, it is possible to identify the cases of bunching of buses and to inquire about the reason. Is this being done?

If the management does not pay attention, the rot goes down the line. The workers on the ground knows that their managers do not care, so they will also slacken.

I have observed that some buses are not captured in the bus arrival data. I suspect that these buses have faulty trackers and are not reporting their location. This has been happening for many years.

The fact that these faults are not corrected indicate that the management is not paying attention.

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