Sunday, July 22, 2018

Terminal 3 in Jakarta

Previously, when I visited Jakarta, I used terminal 2. It was quite compact. I did not have to walk a long distance after leaving the plane to reach the Immigration counter and to leave the terminal.

Three months ago, the flight moved to Terminal 3. It was a large terminal. I had to walk a much longer distance on arriving into Jakarta and on leaving Jakarta.

I thought that Terminal 3 must be at least three times of Terminal 2.

I searched Google and was surprised that Terminal 3 was about 50% larger than Terminal 3.

Why do I have to walk such a long distance in Terminal 3.

I learned that Terminal 2 was organized into three sub-terminals, also called the concourse. I only need to use one concourse. This means that the walking distance could be, in theory, only one third.

I also read that Terminal 3 in Jakarta airport was designed to use terminal 3 in Singapore as the benchmark. It turned out to be a bad approach. The concourse approach is better for passengers.

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