Friday, July 27, 2018

Allow limited access through the Internet

The SingHealth has disabled the connection through the Internet for access to their computer system. This is causing inconvenience to doctors who need to access the system to book appointments and to view the patient records.

I wish to suggest another approach for SingHealth IT department to handle.

a) Some of the functions are to be handled by the staff. These functions can be disabled for Internet access. They have to be accessed only through the premises, i.e. using Intranet and checking the IP addresses.

b) The doctors in the community can be allowed to access the system for restricted functions, such as booking of appointments, placement of orders or for access to patient recoreds. Each user ID can be limited to a certain number of transactions a day, e.g. 100 transactions. There is no need to allow the user to access 100,000 transactions in a day.

I hope that this approach is possible. We should not allow the system to grind to a halt or for the operations to be placed on an inefficient mode.

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