Monday, October 22, 2018

Improve the library facilities

Dear sir,

Singapore government was great. In the early days, they sees a library as an essential facilities. They allocate land to build library. Today we sees such libraries at places like Toa Payoh and Ang Mo Kio.

The library of today is getting smaller. Perhaps times has changed. I however thought that Library could still play an important role. For example, Libraries could in-cooperate a innovation centre where the public could pay an amount to join as members to use some facilities. Such as computer render farms, 3d printers, soldier machine, electrical components etc. it could also setup a metal, wood and plastic workshop. Where a technical instructor could be employed to supervise the usage of machinery and equipment. Members could also do talks and share ideas.

at the same time, more seats could be made available to the public with free drinking water and vending machine. By bringing the people back to the integrated library. I believe we could kick start the innovation progress. I have seen people attending wood working, ceramic course at industrial park. I would believe that with proper insulation, these facilities could be brought into the neighbourhood library.

unfortunately, SLA has not provide land for libraries, most libraries rented expensive spaces in mall. People has to study in restaurant. I am not a financial expert, I do not calculate the cost. Perhaps this is a bad idea and not economical sensible.


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