Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Like to hear from you

Like to hear from you

Thank your for being a regular visitor to my websites.

TKL Youtube videos

I like to introduce you to my channel to view the videos containing my views on several social and business issues.
TKL Youtube Channel


I have now combined two platforms into one. You can now read the feedback on government policies and the service quality of organizations in this platform. You can also vote on the feedback to indicate if you agree or disagree with it. You can also submit your own feedback.
Read the feedback in #HearMeOut

Tan Kin Lian Books

I am offering a collection of 8 books, written by me, at a discount of 65% from the usual price. Click here to order them for only $25. Enjoy free delivery
Order the books

Videos on Financial Planning

These short videos teach young people the basics of financial planning, investment and life insurance. It is a must watch for young people. Parents should encourage their teenage children to view them.
Financial Planning videos

Performance of ministers
You can view the performance of agencies and ministers based on the votes submitted by the public. You can also submit your votes and win a prize immediately - Financial Planning for Retirement. It takes only 5 minutes
Click here.

Just a simple reminder.

Vote on issues in the Wisdom of the Crowd
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