Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Primary election in the USA

I am watching the primary election in the USA with great interest.

1. It is interesting to see how the Americans select their candidate for the Presidential election in November. It reflects democracy at its best.

2. Will America select, for the very first time, a woman President or a black President? Or will the Republicans (white, male candidate) win again?


Anonymous said...

It won't be a woman or black president. It will be a republican president again!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It looks like John Mccain, a veteran politician, will be the next President.The others like Obama and Clinton, they are good at empty rhetorics, and inexperienced.

Victor Foo said...

In my opinion, Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton should win the race to White House.

The trump card is Bill Clinton.

However, it will be a close contest though.

Invest in Singapore said...

Democrats do themselves no justice if they nominate a black or woman to contest the presidency. This may pave the way for the war mongering republicans to win again. I have no opinion whatsoever with who in democrats win, but I doubt American voters are ready for a woman or black president.

If Obama wins, I think it may be a good thing, but to have the best chances of winning against the republicans it is better to have John Edward running for president and Obama as Vice president, Obama can run for president in subsequent presidency.

Victor Foo said...

I am in Las Vegas, Nevada for the past one week and saw their CNN Presidential debates.

I must admit that I am impressed with Senator Hillary Clinton. I admire her courage, her passion, and her unwaivering dedication to the people of this country.

No one expects her to win at New Hampshire - but she did !

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