Saturday, January 12, 2008

Crisis in health care?

Do we have a crisis in health-care?

Read the articles in Today paper:

a) Article by Stanley Jeremiah – Medisave, Medishield, Medi-Crisis?

b) Article by Alex Har – Medi-Debate: Why I’m Optimistic

c) Letter by Karen Tan, M of Health – We can be proud of 3M

Some points to ponder:

a) Do we have a medical insurance crisis?

b) Many people have several medical insurance policies. They are over lapping, duplicative and wasteful. Do you agree?

c) Medishield has Deductible and Co-insurance to encourage people to use medical services carefully. This is negated by offering a rider to cover these items. It makes the system more complex and costly to administer. Do you agree?

d) What is portable medical insurance? How can we get more people to be insured under a portable insurance policy?

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