Friday, April 11, 2008

Contact a high level person

Hi Mr. Tan,
Thank you for being ever so obliging and patient in answering your readers' queries.

I like to share with you an incident with NTUC. I called the call centre to request for a quote on term insurance and I was referred to an adviser. He called me back and I explained to him what I needed. I waited for 2 days and called him up to check if he had sent already. It was quite obvious that he had totally forgotten about me. I had to explain to him again and then gave him my email address.

Later in the day, I received the email from him. But to my shock, the attachment was a questionaire from another client about his medical condition. This is considered a really serious breach of the client's confidentiality and such carelessness cannot be tolerated.

I wish to bring this matter up to higher management. I hope you can provide me with a contact in NTUC who would be the most appropriate to handle this incident.

I suggest that you write a registered letter addressed to the chief executive officer. I think that it should receive high level attention. If you want to send by e-mail, you can try


Anonymous said...

My suggestion is do not waste your time writing to the CEO. The CEO will only reply to ministers and the Board. The very fact that the ordinary staff can behave like this is because they have been shown repeatedly that it does not matter since the focus is on getting more sales. You will only be wasting more of your time and your postage fee as well since this CEO is adamant to show the world that he is too important to answer queries from poor policy holders. I write from my own personal experience.
At the end of the day, you will be further insulted with trying to make NTUC Income more responsive and more customer oriented. In short, you will be ignored for helping what the CEO should be doing in the first place. So why bother?

Anonymous said...

He is unreachable, untouchable even by his staffs what more the policyholders. He has no answers that is why he is afraid to respond. His PR staffs also not doing any better. They also onto the press. Therefore, I suggest you write to the press and expose the new attitude.
The agents too have developed similar attitude. Try asking them about the revosave and vivolife. Ask them about the yield and bonuses. They will avoid you because they are too shy or afraid to tell the facts which they didn't tell when you bought them. This is the new culture. No wonder they keep saying they are undergoing cultural revolution. The new culture is, keep mumb, try to tell lies, don't respond to public, keep up the sale at all cost, be incentivised by high commission and shut up, ours good others bad, 3 legs good 2 legs bad, keep silent.

Anonymous said...

I am quite surprised ... since i have a number of NTUC policies bought during Mr Tan's time, I am worried of my polices leaving there now.... (what your describe of the CEO do not really care of "their client" at all??..., will they care of what we leave those hard earned money on their hand....)

Anonymous said...

They seem to adopt the attitude that existing policyholders do not matter. They do not seem to care whether you want to surrender your policies or not. It appears that either you continue paying good money and get lousy service or you are welcome to surrender your policies since you are the one to lose the most by surrendering. It is something like heads they win, tails you lose. So no wonder they can act like this.
If I am not wrong, the new annual bonus seems to be a reduction in the annual bonus and since they have an existing policy since Mr Tan KL time of 98% being given back to policyholders, the new management have very shrewdly reduced the annual bonus and claim that the remainder will be given towards the maturity of the policy. This, for whole life policies, in effect tied us down to any service they choose to give us till the day we die.

Anonymous said...

11.50, you have a choice.To free yourself and accept a loss or be imprisoned for the rest of your active life. Isn't what the insurance agents told you, to hold for whole life?It seems your wish has been made true for you.
But you still have a choice. Take it to CASE or Fidrec. Tell them that, that wasn't what you bought, what you agreed to, to enter into the contract.
You have a case.

Anonymous said...

Mr Tan Kin Lian for NTUC Income Director !?? Why not ?

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