Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Inadequate parking spaces

There are too many cars in Singapore. There is inadequate parking spaces for the cars.

It is frustrating, after paying the expensive ERP charges and spending a long time on congested roads, to arrive at a destination and find it difficult to find a vacant space to park the car.

This situation will be worsen when the new buildings are ready in Marina South. The new buildings will have fewer parking spaces, compared to the old buildings.

Why drive? It is better to learn how to use the MRT, buses and public transport.


Anonymous said...

Advanturous Malay tourist would walk from Woodlands ICA to and fro Rochor. (2 hours walk) Bus No 11 is better than No 170!

A Marsiling kampong man told me their foefather used to walk from kampong to kampon or Da Po 大坡(downtown) with an umbrella. No need to join golf club ! Save $$$ and invest in a low cost fund !!

Anonymous said...

The 5 new ERP gantries are excessive and tell-tale signs of very poor planning by LTA. Looking at how quickly ERP gantries are spreading, the whole Singapore will soon be a central business district.

LTA should save the money on gantries and plan/build more roads, new overhead driveways, parking facilities, pedestrian underpasses and overhead bridges.

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