Sunday, April 06, 2008

Disappointing service at Business Center

Dear Mr. Tan,
Firstly, I will like thank you for your blog, which Ibelieve is beneficial to consumers.

I have visited a business centre of an insurance company on two occasions. Both times, the business consultants wanted to sell the idea of Life insurance to me. They looked disappointed when I insisted on a low cost term policy instead.

The moral of the story is;
1) Even though the consultants are earning mostly afixed salary (a small component in commission), it is difficult to be objective when commissions no matter how small or targets are involved.

2) Consumers have to take some responsibility in educating themselves and study the product before purchasing any products. It is difficult to obtain objective advice.

Thank you for your feedback. I hope to get a new life insurance company to offer low cost insurance and low cost investment funds. They can be bought over the telephone or its office. This will happen later in 2008.

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