Friday, April 11, 2008

Are Bernanke's Hands Tied?

"Are Bernanke's Hands Tied? 8 Reasons the US May Be in Worse Trouble Than You Think "


eng60340 said...

hmm. the article didn't say anything about sovereign wealth fund.

while usa and europe is tottering, there's a few nations with a lot of money to throw around....

Anonymous said...

One reason Asian (exclusive Japan) is not in trouble - Total amount of foreign reserve US$2.814trillion.

Top 1 - China, PRC (US$1.639 trillion)
Top 2 - China, Tiawan (US$277 million)
Top 3 - Korea (US$262 million)
Top 4 - Singapore (US$171 million)
Top 5 - China, HK (US$160 million)

(Source: Haver Analytics, Datastream, Feb 2008)

Our futre is here (Asia)! Why worry?

hongjun said...


I think the stats you posted should all be in billion for top 2 - 5.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Hongjun, error regretted. Cheers......

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