Friday, October 03, 2008

Avoid going to court

Three banks are secretly negotiating with angry investors to prevent being taken to court over the distribution of Lehman Brothers minibonds, according to sources. They are among 21 banks and financial institutions with exposure to Lehman Brothers investment products but which are said to have only a few investors and prefer a settlement rather than a court case. According to the source, the banks involved are Dah Sing Bank, DBS Bank (Hong Kong) and Mevas Bank, which is part of the Dah Sing Banking Group


nhyone said...

It's better to take a few million dollar loss than to drag their names through the mud.

When their other structured products fail, it'll be a different story.

Everlearning said...

If the financial institutions sue the customers in court, they are clearly sending a message to the public - "You are at your own risks doing business here!"
The wealth management sectors of all institutions will be greatly affected.
This matter should be handled with great care or businesses will fall sharply. I urge the high-fliers not to have such "insignificant" attitude towards minority affected customers.

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