Sunday, June 28, 2009

Comments in my blog

I like those posting comments in my blog to sign off with their real name or a pen name. This makes it easier for toher readers to refer to their posting by name. Do not post anonymous comments.


Anonymous said...

Investors should be constantly reminded that they should ask for and read prospectus of what they buy. If they don't understand the risk, then do not buy it. It is also important to note that while issue of misselling of financial products exist there are also those who bought with understanding the risk, therefore it is not so straightforward for institutions to just offer blanket pay back. The financial industry employs a lot of good honest hard working people. Do not vilify the industry.

Anonymous said...

It would also be feasible to allot an identification number for each comment in running order so that the comment can easier be referred to for further comment. There are people who do not like to use their real names or pen names

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr Tan, I would like to take this opportunity again to request if you would consider posting business opportunities in your blog. I think many of your readers who are either retrenched or need a second job or passive income would be very interested.

W M Loh said...

I think there are plenty of opportunities even in the midst of an economic recession.

I felt that Mr Tan's blog serves a good focus on issues on hand dealing with insurance and investment related activities and he should stick to it.

Deviating from the main focus will only draw more irrelevant discussions and we will definitely see an influx of commercial posts that aim to recruite people to many unscrupulous business parties coming to and contaminating this blog.

Needless to say, I'm referring to MLM companies, land banking companies, time share and the such.

I hope that this blog serves as a focal point for Mr Tan and all efforts from him should be concentrated on maintaining issues on hand that is related to discrepancies and malpractices of the Insurance/Investing companies and it should not be used as an avenue to discuss "other employment opportunites".

W.M Loh

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