Saturday, July 04, 2009

Fixed deposit interest rate as at 15 May 2009

Here is a table showing the fixed deposit interest rate offered by banks in Singapore as at 15 may 2009. It is now being updated to show the latest available rates. Hope you find it useful.


Anonymous said...

Besides putting our money in Fixed Deposits, what about Treasury bills (usually 3 mths) or even Money Market funds (MMF) which have no sales charge?

Fixed deposits and Treasury bills are safe because they are backed by banks and our government.
MMFs may have some risk.


Anonymous said...

Right now even Treasury bills are also not giving good returns. For instance 1 year bills have a yield of only 0.34%.

Try online banking. They have better rates for shorter terms. But you need to be internet savvy otherwise you incur charges when you go to the branches for transactions.

Anonymous said...

We need more income. Mr Tan, any business ideas? :(

Anonymous said...

We need some safe places to place our hard-earned money and be able to earn a fair interest rate.

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