Thursday, July 02, 2009

Politics of Fear

Singaporeans are a fearful people. What can be done to overcome the fear? Read this article.
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Anonymous said...

Fear may be a factor but not the only or the most important factor. Or it may not be a factor at all.

One factor is people think it is futile to speak up or join the opposition because you can't be a general when there are no soldiers or no chance of winning. Mr Tan should have realised to some extent on this as an advocate for fair financial dealings and laws.

And also those who are capable and can lead are usually already materially comfortable so no reason why they want to venture out of their comfort zone. Few or even none are like Mr Tan.

These factors explain the apathy of Singaporeans.

C H Yak said...

Mr Tan, you might have missed out something in your article.

Not only are Singaporeans in general a "fearful" people and afraid to express their views and opinions against policies and are afraid to take any risks or face the consequences, the majority also expect others to exhibit the same "herd" mentality.

There is also a wrong general impression that if you critise or discern in views particularly concerning public policies, you will be taken as being associated with the "Opposition".

And the best approach or response by public servants and Authorities to address this "herd" mentality and fear phobia is by "keeping and remaining quiet" and pretending nothing is wrong when there is some public outcry about certain issues. They know well this phobia of fear will extinguish any small spot of wild fires.

As a result everything remains generally stagnant...economically it could mean little or no "green shoots".

The 5 values of the "good starting point" you advocated in the article should come "free" for all. However, our political system now ascribed a "million-dollar" monetary value to buy these 5 values whilst this "politics of fear" continues. I find it funny that even China construction workers would dare to "sit peacefully" in front of the MOM when they face a salary dispute. And they are not much more well educated and from a totally different political system as ours.

Hope to hear your say.

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans are well fed. They have nanny to look after their welfare. They have the condos, a car,credit cards, shopping centres, food courts, why rock the boat? Every weekend can bring family for walk walk. It is me, me and me or me, myself and I. Where got they? They do for me. They go infront of me.Please, I got family. My parents told me to study hard, get a good job and good salary and have a good family and these are your goals. Don't mind others' business. Politics? let them take care of it.

Anonymous said...

Whilst fear is one of the factors why people vote in a certain way, the other important factor is greed.

If fear is the most important factor, the ruling party would not have to supplement that and resort to the upgrading carrot to win votes.

In the end Singaporeans are going to lose more of their rights in exchange for material gains. We will be materially rich, but morally and politcally deprived.

Lost Citizen

Parka said...

I think there are people who couldn't be bothered as well. I'm one of them. What's the worst thing that can happen anyway?

Anonymous said...

I like this article and like to add the following points:

[1] I am a prisoner myself. I hope I and many others can overcome that fear.
[2] I am thankful for your courage. We really need role model. We have castrated too many good role models eg President Ong Teng Cheong.
[3] I am encouraged when you mention the word "rebuilding our nation". I think to run a country like a corporation will eventually hollow-out the soul and implore the mind. I am worried about this eventuality.
[4] You may be a thunder. You may be a sparkle. But most importantly, you are real!


Anonymous said...

F : False
E : Evidence
A : Appearing
R : Real

It's all in our mind !

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