Saturday, July 04, 2009

ATE (After The Event) Insurance

The ATE insurance covers the litigation cost and is now available through an insurance broker operating in Singapore.

I have written a paper to brief the insurance broker about the legal position on the credit-linked note and ask them to see if insurance is available for the investors to take legal action against the distributors.


Anonymous said...

ATE will depend on whether there had been mis-selling or misrepresentation that resulted in loss. To get the FIs the best approach is from the RM's end. If you can prove that the RMs misrepresented the product and cheated you into investing then there is a case.

Anonymous said...

The investor should approach the broker instead of letting MR. Tan to do it.Mr. Tan has done a lot for you investors already. Use your initiatives to contact the broker.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Mr. Tan, for doing us victims a favor.

I disagree that investors should do everything themselves. Some issues are best handled by leaders or perceived leaders like Mr. Tan.

Of course, if victims don't even join the lawsuit or attend the rally, they have themselves to blame when no justice is done for them.

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