Friday, July 03, 2009

What is cheating?

Read this article.


Tan Kin Lian said...

A person called Gamerule warned me to be careful about using the word "cheating". He said that I have to prove an "intent to cheat".

I know where this person comes from. He is involved in dishonest acts, and in saying one thing but acting in another way. I decided to re-post this article on "cheating", including the definition that " Cheating characteristically is employed to create an unfair advantage, usually in one's own interest, and often at the expense of others.”.

Anonymous said...

If you are approached by an insurance agent to buy a product and she doesn't disclose everything and she also lies ,she is cheating. You make a decision based on incomplete info. This act by the insurance agent is premeditated, planned and therefore is cheating.
Anyhting that is not true is intended and it is cheating.
Do you agree that insurance agents cheat almost all the time?
The saddest thing these agents are trained to lie by their trainers and this is salesmanship.
Don't tell when you are not asked is withholding the truth.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous June 02, 2009 10:01 AM,

if giving half truth is cheating then all insurance agents are guilty of this. I do agree. Not only half truth but lies added to make things worse. Yes , this is salesmanship. That is why never buy from product pushing insurance agents.These agents might give one quarter truth and three quarter lies.These people have no conscience.

Anonymous said...

Cheating involves telling lies. Is there a good lie?

Cheating is very bad.

In this world, many tell lies just to satisfy their personal needs.

Anonymous said...

insurance agents tell lies to sell and selling is about telling lies.
Which insurance agents tell the truth, the whole truth?

zhummmeng said...

Salesmanship is about how to tell the best convincing lies and how to manipulate the emotion, they call it hitting the right button.
Insurance agents are trained only to tell half truth or less and wrap it with lies and manipulation.
Imagine the disastrous consequence if a drug salesman does that.
That is exactly what has happened to consumers in Singapore. In 2008 only $37K sum assured was sold to Singaporeans. In 2009 it was reported that the average death claim was only $43K. Sometime in May 2009 an UK research company found that averagely Singaporeans are insured for 1/5 of the amount required $500K. Why? How come?
The research company interpreted the findings as opportunities. Maybe opportunities to further aggravate the situation, to sell more wholelife and endwoment products to ensure customers are continually under insured.
Yearly so many agents qualified for MDRT, COT and TOT and yet the level of insurance is still very low. Precisely, the goal of every
insurance agent is to qualify for these dubious awards or more precisely the goal of every agent is to earn enough commission to qualify for these dubious awards.
Imagine, what would happen if that is the goal. It is their own goal and NOT the goals of the customers these agents have in mind whenever they pitch the product to their customers.
Imagine the fastest way to make that commission. Is it by conducting a need analysis, fact finding and end up recommending a term product that earns the agent peanuts? No, of course. Go straight into it to pitch the product that is high in commission and say anything that may corner the customer to buy. The means justifies the result. Cheating is justifiable if it brings about the desired result. This is the modus operandi and this is the maxim and belief system that most agents are trained.Believe in the product even it is rotten. Believe otherwise is negative and negative agents cannot be successful. The focus is on the money, the commission, the incentive trips, the awards and nothing matters and certainly not the customers. They are the vehicles to their goals.
They are not lies and cheating so long they bring in the commission for the agents and business to the company. It is they on one side and the customers on the other side.

Anonymous said...

I told the FI interviewers that the RM CHEAT my money, they just returned with smiles. I lodged my complaint to FIDReC that FI CHEAT my money, they did not reply. What can I do even if we wrote to FIs and accused them that they are the CHEATERs and LIARs with evidence, they still have no reaction?
I have no money to take up individual legal action against the FI. Can anyone advise me what should I do if FIDReC adjudicator dismise my case?


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

11:58 AM,

I contacted Locton, the person in-charge replied that they only talk to lawyers. Which means I must spend quite a bit of money to appoint a lawyer first.
Do you know that lawyers will charge us by hourly rate? Anyone can advise me how much is an average lawyer's hourly rate?


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