Sunday, April 04, 2010

Great websites

I wish to look for great websites on the following:
- financial education
- education (popular universities)
- travel (great places to visti)

I will put the links in this page:

If you know of these websites, please send a link to or post them as a comment. I will put them as links in my portal.


Royston said...

Hi Mr Tan,

I've compiled a list of Singapore Investment Bloggers for easy access.

For your consideration. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

r u gg for a holiday tour?

Bernard Lim said...

Dear Mr. Tan,

I read your blog daily and like it very much. I would like to contribute a site for financial education.

What is it about?

This site features videos where a senior editor teaches various financial concepts using a white board.

Why I recommend it?

The reason why I recommend this is because having a teacher explaining and drawing on a whiteboard helps me in visualizing and understanding the concepts.


The only possible drawback is that their content is US-centric.

Ex-Con said...

Can take a look at Khan Academy.

Founded by ex-wall street hedgefund financial analyst. Don't worry, the stuff inside is free. His site was recently awarded the 2009 Tech Award in Education.

Has tons (900+) of short videos on all sorts of math topics, statistics, finance, economics, physics, chemistry, biology.

Each lesson is a short 12-min video, that is presented on a web-board.

Seems like many students like Khan's teaching style and explanations for mathematics stuff. He's continuing to add hundreds of videos each year.

Anonymous said...

For travel I recommend tripadvisor and lonely planet

MoneyMan said...

Hi guys, thanks for sharing..

yeli said...

financial education category:

Tan Kin Lian said...

Thanks for your contributions. I have added them in (Links). Try it.

Parka said...

Not specific to Singapore, but ones I visit frequently.

NPR Planet Money

Stanford University's Entrepreneurship Corner

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