Thursday, May 20, 2010

Customer Service Portal

I am developing a customer service portal for big organisations to put up their general enquiry form. This allows their customers to provide brief details of their queries and for the customer service officer to call the customer with the answer. This will reduce the waiting time at the call center during peak hours. It will also improve customer service. More details of this portal can be found here.

This portal can be used by many organisations. The customer will find it easy to contact many organisations at the same portal and be familiar with one standard interface.

Tan Kin Lian


symmetrix said...

I read your writeup with interest. Good - a 1-stop shop for all complaints.

There are few comments and clarifications.

1. Para 4 of the attachment. Depending on the CSO of the organisation to log in to the portal several times a day may not be effective. He may be too busy to log onto a 3rd party portal. It would be better if the relevant records are auto-posted to the CSO regularly. This way, he will be forced to confront the issue at hand.

2. Para 6 of the attachment. Many big organisations may already have a Customer Feedback form on their own websites, though many of them are a pain to fill up. The proposed portal can offer something value-added if its input form is simplified to a layman's level.

3. It is assumed that the form in this portal is in ADDITION to whatever form on the organisation's website. Hence a customer input through EITHER path should read the CSO with the same haste.

4. Some organisations may not want a 3rd party portal to collect and submit data about their customers, especially if they have their own forms on their websites. They may be concerned that secure customer info may be unintentionally leaked to a competitor. I guess the design of the proposed portal will address this issue. Of course, if the s/w is installed directly on the organisations's website, then it will not be an issue.

I'm eager to chk this out when ready.

Tan Kin Lian said...

Hi V S Lingam

I agree with you that most forms on the websites of most organisations are badly designed and asked for unnecessary information that makes life difficult for customers.

I don't know why organisations continue to think only of their convenience and do not bother to understand the hassle that they give to customers.

The forms on my portal will be standardised and simple. It will contain only 4 fields - name, address, e-mail and description of problem.

Most cusomters will know what to provide in the description of problem, but if they miss out some essential information, a telephone call back will be quite easy to get the information.

For some forms, the type of information needed will be prompted, e.g. product serial number.

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