Monday, May 17, 2010

Taxi surcharges

Read this letter about taxi surcharges, which is getting out of hand.

My comment
It is better to raise the taxi fare and to remove all surcharges, such as the peak hour and location surcharges. All taxis plying the road should charge a standard taxi fare while premium taxi services (which charge a different fare, should be called by telephone or other means.


Anonymous said...

But standardizing the charges to include the peak hour and location surcharges is unfair to those who travel during off peak and not at those specific locations.

C H Yak said...

Hi Anon 12.41 PM, your argument does not hold water because the fares are being priced ridiculously high for peak hours thus making peak hour fares irrational and not justifiable.

When off peak rates are already high, peak hour rates are ridiculous. The logic used to price it is also stupid.

Soojenn said...

It is only UNIQUELY Singapore to have all kinds of surcharges, ridiculous because it is difficult to follow these especially if you are a visitor... mid night charge, peak hour charge, and god knows what.. they should take a leaf from HK.

In HK, you even get discounts for booking and calling the taxis.

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