Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Calling DBS Credit Card

I called the DBS call center to enquire about my credit card points. I find the automation system to be quite troublesome. I also get many irrelevant messages. It is quite frustrating.

After pressing the wrong option on 3 attempts, I was directed to a customer service officer. The waiting time was rather short - which was quite surprising.

Watch this video about my experience.

The CSO is helpful and provides good service. The automation system is what caused the trouble. (This comment applies to the automation system used by most large organisations, not just DBS). The system used by DBS to verify the customer is quite frustrating and should be changed.

Tan Kin Lian


Anonymous said...

All call centres in Singapore using 1900 0r 1800 will test our patience to the utmost, sometimes i give up and go their office straight away. My blood pressure would not shoot up in this way.
Technology sometimes sucks, have to revert back the old-fashioned way.

Anonymous said...

Kin Lian,

as you know, the new DBS CEO was previously from Citibank. He rose up through the operations side of Citibank to become senior mgmt.

He recently mandate that call center call must be picked up within 20 sec and has increased call center headcount to achieve the target.

I understand that he's using the Citibank's playbook of using better customer service to increase market share. He is also focusing more on retail banking to hit his budget.

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