Saturday, May 22, 2010

Interacting with customers on feedback

I have posted articles on my experience as a customer interacting with a few large organisations (i.e. CISCO, Starhub, DBS and Singapore Airlines). CISCO took the trouble to contact me and talk to me. I did not hear from the other organisations.


Lye Khuen Way said...

Interesting to note that the other 3 organisations are SINGAPORE companies- Big GLC too !

Just like the other post on Banks, despite cases of bad experiences with Standard Chartered by some, I can say with personal experiences that our local banks have a long way to go.
Yes, OCBC & UOB has improved. DBS under its new CEO seem to be waking up, at least with its re-branding of POSB.
Why is it that the non-local banks are more customer-friendly ? Seems that the local banks , like our Government have come to take us- S'poreans for granted.

Anonymous said...

I think among those you listed, maybe CISCO has the least number of customers.

The others maybe have lots of captive customers, like DBS. Who can beat DBS in terms of ATM network and as salary crediting a/c?

Just like who can beat PAP as the next alternative gahmen?

Anonymous said...

Local govt company behaved like Govt. Cannot bring themselves down to the ground level and admit imperfection.

Or maybe you site is considered as not Govt friendly thus as employee of Govt, such action is a no-no unless Govt approves.....

C H Yak said...

Ironically, it is always the big names or brands and market leaders whom are reluctant to reply to customer complaints.

They proudly think that their market dominance and marketing techniques like aggressive advertising prevail, and would overwhelm the lonely voice of customer complaints.

The same with our civil service, just as they observed "Public Service Week". When they have made a mistake, don't expect them to reply.

VS Lingam said...

This is nothing new. The big local govt-linked companies smack of arrogance. They have millions of big customers. Why should they bother with small-time customers like me. In fact, small customers are a liability to these organisations. They would rather have the small customers leave and take their biz elsewhere.

A few yrs ago, a large local bank was asked if this was the case. A standard reply from their PR chief said that they treat all customers (big and small) equally - purely lip service. If one believes this reply, then one must be prepared to believe that the sun can rise in the West.

Another example. A few yrs ago, a premier airline started denying access to its Lounge even for its regular, ardent premier frequent flyers, unless they are on a First/Biz class tix on that airline. This was a benefit accorded to them but suddenly withdrawn. These pax felt cheated. They have contributed much to the success of the airline but felt unappreciated. These pax wanted to fly on the arrogant airline, but the airline did not fly to their destination conveniently. So they had no choice but to book with an alternate carrier. These pax placed a lot of confidence on the airline, but in return they got nothing but disappointment. They were taken for granted.

Many other examples abound, but one thing remains constant. Most of the large companies do not care a damn for the small fry. If you do get a satisfactory reply from, it must be your lucky day.

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