Wednesday, May 19, 2010

SIA Krisflyer website

I spent more than 1 hour to reset the PIN for my Krisflyer account. I called the call center more than 5 times and got the assistance of the staff who was helpful and patient.

However, the website behaved erratically and baffled me and the staff. The problem with the website was worsened by the "security measures" introduced to "protect the interest of the customer". Actually, these measures were not necessary and made the website difficult to use. It also made it difficult to change the PIN. Some of these measures are:

a) freeze the login for 24 hours after 3 wrong entry of the PIN
b) verify the date of birth and IC (when the server record was wrong)
c) require the new PIN to be activated within 1 hour of being sent.
d) the website showed different information to me and to the staff who was assisting me.

The staff sent me a total of 4 new PINs to login after the earlier PINs did not work.

This video shows about 5 minutes of the 1 hour episode.


Anonymous said...

Airlines spent so much money on advertising and upgrading of cabin to attract customers but they piss off their very customers in frequent flyer program.

I believe they outsource frequent flyer program to contractor.

Tan Kin Lian said...

The frequent flyer program is actually quite good. The problem is the design of their website. By trying to make it attractive and "secure", it turned out to be a big hassle.

There is really no need for the unnecessary security as it is possible to confirm the transaction with the customer by a telephone call or e-mail.

So, they should keep the website and simplify their process. It will also be cheaper to operate a simple website.

Hiei said...

So what was the problem with the website? Has it got something to do with their end or your machine? I notice that sometimes firm's website has comparability issues with different browser. If you are using Firefox, probably worth trying IE and vice-versa.

Tan Kin Lian said...

I forgot my PIN number and had a lot of trouble in getting a new PIN number. Took me 1 hour and still could not login with the new PIN number provided by SIA. Actually, they sent me 4 PIN numbers after the earlier ones failed.

Hiei said...

I see.

Anonymous said...

The image of SQ being an excellent airline etc WAS a mirage to me (I am now retired, used to be a Solitare member) and looks like still IS a mirage. They did not reply to emails, take forever to answer the phone etc.

Once, I handed in the non-working disposable shaving blades from their first class toilets to the office in the Promenade, suggesting that they review the products. NEVER even got a note to acknowledge receipt, let alone a thank-you note.

Anonymous said...

After viewing the video, I feel sorry for all its customers. Hokkien says, Jing Jia lart !!!
System not user-friendly at all. Need to revamp. Make it easy and simple. Maintenance cost as a result may be much lower than the present one.

Tan Kin Lian said...

I also emphasize with the hard working staff from the Krisflyer dept. He spent 1 hour helping me to reset the PIN and tried his best. It was more frustrating for him as he had to face many customers daily with similar difficulties.

SIA needs to simplify its website to make life easy for its customers and staff. There is no need to have the colorful and multi-layer features that are expensive, and actually confuses the customer and staff.

SIA can reduce its cost and improve its customer experience.

ex employee said...

To anon 9:34pm

Threaten to sue them would bring about prompt response and a box of chocolates.

I used to work for them. It is a great way to fly but not a great place to work. The middle management are the obstacle.

Bringing in the faulty or poor quality shavers to them shows your concern and invovlement in the product, and as an ex employee, I thank you. But what happened behind the scenes is: the duty senior officer would log your visit and comments ( buried in a sea of other thousands of Solitaire feedback, queries ) and these would be filtered out for manager's atttention, if warranted.
I suspect that the managers were told and are aware of the quality of the shavers. The cabin crew too would log feedbacks ( if they were told about it by you )

All these paper work pile up at some lowly excutive's desk under the category of "inflight amenties"

Hell if SQ is going to ring up the supplier or vendor to get them to change the item! How do you think SQ can declare dividens of over $0.80cts annualy? The present stock will have to be depleted.

The frontline staff are overwhelmed with queries and although they are given autonomy in dealing with customers, one mistake and they get demerit points.. with middle managers saying things like: " you should have said..."
It is always easy to appraise on hindsight,and from a position of authority.

Solitaire? its a marketing tool.
Corporate rates and accounts is where the company will zero in.
Your company pays for your P/J class travels, and you get the points and the perks.
( technically speaking, the company should be getting the points, since they paid for the tciket!)
As an individual, it is hardly likely that P/J travel will be charged to your personal account.

Tan Kin Lian said...

The Krisflyer staff called me to fix the problem with the PIN. He was helpful and patient.

I hope that SIA will review its website structure and simplify it, so that customers do not have so much hassle to change their PIN or be locked out unncessarily.

If the current website continues without any change, it will be a hassle for the staff.

leesae said...

While I agree that too much security makes it a hassle for users, I would like to point out that too little or no security, is just as bad.

There needs to be a balance between the two - making it simple enough for users and making sure that security and unauthorized accessed/impersonation does not happen. I have looked at the SIA website & login page. It looked simple enough plus, they provided multiple alternatives to users to retrieve their PIN number in case users forget theirs.

It is just that if someone successfully gained unauthorized access into a Krisflier account, the people who built the website are the ones who will be in the hot seat, and will have to explain how it happened. So to cover their a$$es in case something like that happens, they have to put in place tight/tough love security measures as a precaution. It is probably part of SIA IT's security requirements anyway. One can usually pass phone validation/confirmation with minimum information & with some clever social engineering skills.

The 4 PINs sent that failed to work, is probably due to some glitch on the system side and one should not blame the security measures that are in place.

Now I'm not sure if the Krisflier account gives you access to making transactions of monetary value (redemption of points and free flights and such), but if it does, then the security measures in place are justified.

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