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Claim for repairs to vehicle

Here are the results of the survey.

Dear Sir,
I would like your advice about a traffic accident involving my car colliding with a taxi. Both cars were at a traffic stop wainting for the light to turn green. When the light turn green, the taxi in front of me started to move but braked suddenly after a few feet. Because of the proxiity of the cars, a collision occured but the force of the collision was mild.

The taxi driver of the taxi and I both came out and inspected our cars but found no damage to both cars. The taxi driver and I both agreed that there were no damages to both cars as the force of the collison were mild.

The taxi claimed that he stopped the car suddenly to avoid a collision with a lorry but the taxi was making a U turn while the lorry was making a right turn at Alecandra road. However I did not see the lorry. From the traffic junction I found that it was not possible for the lorry to collide with the taxi as alleged.

As both cars were not damaged, I was surprised that the taxi send an invoice of the repairs to the taxi costing over $2000. to my insurance company. The officer of my insurance company said that the taxi has been repaired.  Who allowed the taxi to be repaired whe there was no damage as a result of the acxcident?


You can tell the insurance company to reject the claim from the taxi as the damages were not caused by you. However, the taxi driver will get his lawyer to sue you directly. You must be prepared to get your lawyer to reject their claim and to fight the case in court, if they issue you a summons.


Anonymous said...

This type of fraud is very common in Singapore.Once i have an accident and damage to my car,$200. I agreed it was my fault. The other vehicle through his lawyer sent a claim to my insurance company for several thousand repair cost. I call my insurance company to reject the claim. They told me that they will investigate. Next thing I know they paid the claim and upon expiry of my insurance, kick me out.

Anonymous said...

My father-in-law slightly kiss the backside of a Toyota Vios driven by a woman who suddenly stopped at Yio Chu Kang filter lane. She came out and inspected the dent. A small dent that her insurance claim costed $3,700 to repair pushes my insurance to $1,800.

I guess $3,700 include engine oil change, transmission oil change, wippers changes, convert canvass seats to leathers, motor belts change, repaint, change of tires and all summaried to repair/replaced of bumper dent and doctor visitationssss.

Anonymous said...

I totally sympatise with the writer.

But it has long been publised that there is fraud with regards to repair cost and claim, as such it is the duty of drivers to make in a point to take photos or to get it in writing that there is no or minore damages, NEVER walk away from an accident with the impression that the other party will be honest.

Sorry, but with regards to the accident, as you hit the taxi from the rear you should be more pro-active to ensure that there will be no fraudulent claim, more so when it comes to taxis....

Anonymous said...

I am a bit confused. The writer F said that the taxi driver and writer BOTH agreed that there were no damages to both cars and yet in the end, the taxi sent an invoice of over 2k for repairs.
This is akin to not ordering a dish at a restaurant and later made to pay for it.
Where is the justice?

Anonymous said...

Car insurance fraud happens all the time. It happened to me several years ago, similar situation at traffic junction I hit the car in front as he braked suddenly.

It was a small dent on his bumper, my car was not even damaged. I estimate repairs on his car not more than $200 if I were to bring his car to a workshop for repairs. He refused and wanted to claim insurance.

When the bill came to my insurance company it was $10,000. I was shocked.

Anonymous said...

There are a lot of cheats out there.
They must be brought to justice .
They may be your decent looking neighbours or your colleagues.They can be anyone. This society seems to have changed. HOnesty is not a virtue anymore. Greed has destroyed it.

Anonymous said...

Always take photos of the damages / no damage. Also make sure you take photos of the cars against the background of the place, to give a clearer picture of the situation. This is where camera phone is really necessary.

Preferably the video camera is installed to record how the accident takes place........but you need to spend almost $400 for that.

Anonymous said...

Always keep a safe distance between your vehicle and the vehicle infront of you. The party whose vehicle "kiss" the rear of the vehicle infront will always be at fault for failing to keep a safe distance.

This has always been the rule and always will be.


Anonymous said...

These fraudsters are getting bolder and bolder due to the non-action by the police. Obviously the car workshops owners are the ones behind these acts as they stand to gain monetary. I suggest a special task force be set up to deal with these frauds to stamp them out.

Carless in Singapore said...

Learn not to drive or own car in Singapore, take public transport.. its cheaper. I guarantee it.

If you take 6 trips by taxi each day that costs $20 per trip ( all inclusive of radio calls,ERP,surcharges ) the cost is $ that to owning a car and meeting the associate costs.

Dump the car.. you will have heaven on earth - guaranteed

Anonymous said...

Buy NCD insurance

Anonymous said...

I kiss a Comfort taxi previously and there was no obvious visible damage. I rejected his claims subsequently with evidence of photos taken by my camera phone. But my previous car insurance company, NTUC Income, still paid out without much investigation. The best part is that another bill came to claim for personal injury...

Anonymous said...

I had an accident with another car earlier. The other party went to a workshop and msg me abt the estimate repair cost. I'd double checked with the workshop owner about the estimated cost then. Now, I received a claim 3x the original estimate from his legal. Do I have a case?

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