Friday, May 14, 2010

Taxi surcharges

Read this letter in the Straits Times Forum

My comment
I agree with the writer that we should simplify our system of taxi charges, and avoid the peak hour and location surcharges. It is better to have a standard flat fare applicable to all taxis. The mileage charge can be higher than the current fares to provide sufficient income for the taxi drivers.

The government can also reduce the charges levied for taxis so that the taxi fares can be lower across the board. If more people take taxis instead of their private cars, it will reduce the pressure on parking space.


C H Yak said...

The Peak Hour Surcharge is stupid.

During peak hours, one taking taxi is bound to be caught in the traffic jam. The meter fare already allows for this.

If there is a lack of taxi during peak hour, it is already bad service, why should the very few who travel during peak hours be penalised to pay more again with a surcharge, after all; they would have waited very long to get one. Isn't this silly?

Only in Singapore can such "head you win , tail I lose" policies be crafted by corporates or Authorities against end-users.

Anonymous said...

Its attitudes.

The attitude that reflects great superiority by people who believe that they are ALWAYS right and their total submission to capitalism, and shareholder value.
They miss the wood for the trees.

Unfortunately, change can only come from within, and we will have to suffer until enlightenment is experienced.

Meanwhile, its our legs that will vote.

Anonymous said...

why taxi issues is always between commuter and taxi driver? no one ever question the authority for creating such a complicated rules and reulation for the taxi system in Singapore?

Parka said...

Supply of passengers is always there during peak hour, so prices can be increased - same as how weekend cinema tickets is higher.

Driver said...

Did we not embrace capitalism and entreprenuerships?

This is the very same theory dished out by business schools.

Charge as much as the market can bear.

Anonymous said...

A complicated and complex system is the outcome when authority wanted command and control.

Adding rules and rules to overcome a persistant problem like taxi hiding to earn midnight charge, queueing at airport to earn extra charge etc is not correct.

Using the same method of managing Singaporeans in taxi system is the only way those millionairs can CEOs understand.

Best is to challange themselves to remove all charges and only limit to 1 or 2. Let the market demand and supply work it out. People can complains but they can also decide whether to take or not to take taxi. MBS and RWS has to work out their own business strategy to attract taxis and not be dependent on the Govt. If there is high demand for taxis, than is 25,000 enough?

Anonymous said...

It is a real luxury to take taxis nowadays. I only take taxis when absolutely necessary.

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