Wednesday, June 23, 2010

2 million visitors

Will the person who is recorded as the 2 millionth visitor to my blog take a screen shot  (or print out the webpage) of this achievement and send it to I will give you a prize (i.e tangram book or financial planning book..

Tan Kin Lian


Anonymous said...

hi mr tan hope you can give prize to 1999999 or 2000001 person as well.

maybe a smaller prize.

Anonymous said...

Can the prize be the book wisdom of how to live life?

not easy to be 2 million person.

Tan Kin Lian said...

The book, Wisdom to live your life, is for sale at

Volume 2 is also available.

They are written by Dr. Tommy Wong. I am only helping him to sell the book.

Tan Kin Lian said...

Reply to 12:39 PM
If you want more chances to win the prize,try the weekly Quiz 6-1, 6-2, etc. But you have to do some thinking! Good luck.

Anonymous said...

that day i read from papers that health minister blog very popular got many people visit. if you look at tan kin lian blog it is going to reach 2 millions visits. thats even much much more popular. very spectacular.

Anonymous said...

Rex comments as follows,

MR Tan, i think you will face a problem.
The blog updates each time REFRESH is clicked and the counter increments. It is very easy for anyone to just click the refresh as many times as he likes, to reach 2000000 and claim the free prize.

Due to readers logging in several times a day, the counter may be a bit misleading. But i guess if alexa ratings are all done in the same way then it is a very fair comparison.


Tan Kin Lian said...

Hi Rex
It's okay. It is a small problem. The prize is modest anyway.

A vile person commented "Cheap Skate".

Anonymous said...

how can anyone say the prize cheap skate.

how much can you the vile person give?

no even a piece of paper?

how much the ministers are taking in salary and how much their salary they wish to "share" with singaporeans?


take a lesser salary and people life will be better.

this is worse than a so call "cheap skate" book

Anonymous said...

It has been raining heavily for the past 30 minutes now and the sky is getting darker. Those top fellows at PUB must be worried sick now and praying hard that this rain will stop soon otherwise need to do another round of explanation again.

Wayne K said...

Kin Lian,
You may want to use Google Analytics (GA) for your visitor tracking, instead of something outdated like GA can provide much better info to the site owner, and there should be integration w/ blogspot, which is also a Google product.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rex,

The counter doesn't change when you reload or refresh the web-page. I think they have some kind of cookies tracking the visitors similar to those surveys that you can't vote twice. (At least my computer seems to behave this way.)


Anonymous said...

argh missed it. Got prize for 3 million visitor?

Anonymous said...

who is the 2 million winner can take a photo and post online to show us?

Anonymous said...

i miss out,

i am the 2000128 visitor.

congrates on hitting 2 millions.

well done.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Refreshing the page increases the page visitor counter. It is true and it works. Some other sites used automated programs to refresh the web page automatically to falsely create the impression that the site is well-visited.

Anonymous said...

2 Millions Visitors.

Mr Tan, Congratulations!


Tan Kin Lian said...

7 readers sent to me their screen shots showing that they are the 2 milionth visitors. They sent their replies within 5 minutes. I am acknowledging all 7 as the winners.

They are asked to send to me their mailing address and their choice of books.

Congratulations to all 7 winners.

And thanks for being loyal followers of my blog.

Tan Kin Lian said...

Dear Wayne K
Thanks for your suggestion abouut Google Anaytics.

I have been using sitemeter for the past three years. It served me well, in spite of its shortcomings.

I have loyalty to people who work with me, including sitemeter.

Quite unlike some other people who sway with the wind.

Anonymous said...

For those interested, why not check it out? It is not necessary inferior compare to Google Anaytics.

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha I missed by 816 persons. No luck trying for 3,000,000

michael said...

Congratulation!! We must continue to speak the truth. Singapore can only claim to be a 'First World Country'(a mature society) when the people including the political leaders, are becoming more courageous and considerate. It seems that we are getting more YES men in our present leadership line-up nowadays. Can someone prove me wrong on this observation?

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr Tan,
Congratulations on another "milestone" in your life.
(Been following you since the early days of your blog )
A fair social commentator, keep it coming!

Anonymous said...

Reply to anonymous June 23, 2010 12:49 PM

"..that day i read from papers that health minister blog very popular got many people visit...."

you have to read everything written in our local msm with a heavy pinch of salt lah. How popular is popular? 5 readers or 10 readers a day? And maybe out of 10 readers hit counter, 5 hit counter are from the minister himself to check on his own website and the remain 5 are the grassroot members from his constituency.

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