Wednesday, December 08, 2010

CPF Life - making a choice

Here is an analysis about CPF Life - is it good or bad?

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look4kc said...

Dear Mr Tan,

Correct me if I am wrong, the monthly payout under CPF Life will not be the same month on month.

One has no control over the amount of monthly payout.

I think it is not wise to take it up as not many people will live beyond 85 years of age.

Anyway, it is meaninless to live beyond 85, it is like you are a rotten unwanted papaya hanging on to the papaya tree.

Must as well let go, drop to the ground and be recycled.

I am thinking out of the box whereby euthanasia or rather right to die becomes legitimate.

I have a wonderful formula on CPF Life oops it should be named COE Life.

I will share the formula with you only (if you wish to know about it) as it may be too sensitive for others.

Please feel free not to publish this if you find it not suitable for public consumption or you may censor some of it.

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