Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Standard of postal service

The standard of postal services seemed to have deteriorated. Some citizens have complained in the past, that Sing Post is now engaging in too many business activities, in the quest to boost their profits, that they are neglecting their core functions.

Read about the recent incidents of poor service in SGEP.


Redstar said...

They always deliver my bank statements to my neighbors and sent my neighbor's NUH hospital bill to me.
Nowadays, contractors do the mail delivery, and they work very late and under quite poor lighting conditions. I saw one last night after 8 pm.

yujuan said...

Yes bank statements, CPF statements, new credit cards, hospital appointment letters all sent to wrong addressess. My neighbours now know my private details, you never know.
Making money first, service a distant second. What is a post office got to do with money lending. Going public means poor job performance.

Falcon said...

Just last week my neigbours upstairs came down with 4 mails that was sent wrongly to them. They are Filipinos and obviously they respect privacy. I wonder how many mails are not returned to their rightful owners.

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