Tuesday, May 03, 2011

An act of defamation?

I received this email.

Dear Friends,
 Mr Goh Chok Tong said of the National Solidarity Party: "My sense is that it is a "No Substance Party"
Is this an act of defamation? Mr Goh is implying that the other party is inferior people. Would this comment hurt their working careers and personal relationship?


Shawshank said...

Which attorney in SG will accept this case? I'm afraid not many to find.

Unknown said...

Sm Goh can say anything he wants without fear of being procecuted in his Pap controlled court.
Best thing is to ask people at your rally if this label use by sm Goh is fair?
And tell the people at the rally, we can't get justice as long as Pap is in power. They have turn all public institution to
Work for them instead of for Singaporean.
We can only protect Singaporean by putting opposition parties in power and rejecting Pap.
Yes we can, Singapore!

rex said...

rex comments as follows,

no lah, take it as a joke.
we make fun of pap as pay and pay party, pro alien party, por and por party, we make fun of TinPeiling as TinCan, we call goh chok tong Woody, and so on.

just take it easy lah.


Lye Khuen Way said...

Yes, give him some slack. Some do not know that PAP is now " Pro Alien Party" !
Anyway, let us not give too many cases to our lawyers. They should handle Real INJUSTICES like that poor chap who lost his one-of-a-kind bike and when located, the POLICE ( yes, our SPF) could only advise him that the eventaul "buyer" , being innocent need not surrender the bike to him !
I had some night training as a "Special Constable" of our Penal Code & can only conclude that Wong KS & his PM have screwed our common law & criminal justice system so much that soon getting away with murder will not be too difficult. No ?

Sobri said...

It's ok. It adds flavour to the political scene.

Ruling parties as well as the opposition in Malaysia has always been doing that, even in parliament! Interesting to watch. What is more interesting is that during Open house by the PM or Chief Ministers, all could sit together, joke and shake hands wishing all the best.

Perhaps this time round, we can see that in Singapore.

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