Thursday, May 05, 2011

Future for our children

Dear Mr Tan
Something happened this morning that prompted me to send this email:-
Early this morning at about 3.30am, i brought my son to the A&E Department of a govt-reconstructed hospital.  There were 3 doctors on duty, out of which 2 are FILIPPINOS, I did not get a closer look or talked to the 3rd one to ascertain her nationality.  This was a vast difference from 1 or 2 years ago when I visited the same A&E department where the doctors spoke in an accent that I am familiar with.
Anyway, after the doctor has examined him, the doctor asked my son to go a nurse who would administer Vandoline to him.  The nurse heard his cough and immediately asked him to cough a few times, and asked him to go back to the doctor to be re-examined.  

Apparently, the sound of his cough could signify that he has contracted a certain virus "Croop" (think so as I can't really understand the Doctor's accent).   He brushed the nurse's comments aside.  
The second time we went in to see the doctor, he heard my son's cough and voice and decided to prescribe a medicine for him, which i think it's for the virus "Croop" as I heard the same nurse saying "I told you just now".
This incident speaks a lot to me:-
(a) The entry to our medicine faculty is very stringent and limited.  I have heard students who can't get into the local university end up going overseas to study medicine.  Isn't it strange that the Goverment are so stringent with fellow Singaporeans and turning away talented Singaporeans, yet so openly embracing foreign doctors?
(b) Do they get Filippino doctors due to lower costs, thereby marginalising our local doctors?  I have seen alot of Filippino nurses in hospitals, this is the first time I see Filippino doctors, 2 out of 3 some more.
Can you imagine the future for our children?  I have always felt our education system is very stressful for children.  The Government have taken away their childhood and now they will be taking away their future if we continue to give mandate to our Government for the slack foreign policy!
A concerned mother

Many citizens have the same concern. We need to vote alternative people into Parliament on May 7.


yujuan said...

One month ago, I went to TTSH pharmacy to get a prescribed drug called Calcitonin, for my joint and bone disease, and asked how to use it. The Filipino pharmacist did not
know the drug at all, and quickly turned to a local colleague beside her to instruct me. You call this foreign talent. Tan Tock Seng Hospital, you owe me an explanation,
should something happen to me.

Ahgoogoo said...

Besides medicine, law is also limited. Does Dr. Lim Hock Siew, Dr. Ang Yong Guan, Sylvia Lim, Pritam Singh ring a bell?

How many doctors and lawyers in PAP line up?

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