Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Open letter to Prime Minister Lee

I write this open letter to Prime Minister Lee on the changes that are needed to bring Singapore to the next phase of its future. Read TKL website.

Do you agree with this open letter? Share your views here.


yujuan said...

Why apologies are done on the eve of the GE, why not at the time when things happen. Policies arrogantly pushed through affect us for a long time, and cannot be reversed as damage is already done. Can you close down the two casinos? No. Can you reverse the low birthrate here. No. Can you reverse the decline of the Chinese language competency of our younger generation? No. Can you
this and that/ All No.
We could accept the sincerity if the word "Sorry" is offered before,
and not try to push off responsibility to Acts of God, or to world events, or "I stand corrected" sort of statement.
After the GE, we cringe to speculate other policies that will be, similarly bulldozed by the PM through Parliament, in the next 5 years of PAP rule. Whatever the PM wants, it must be done at all costs, no one is allowed to say No.

yvonne said...

can't access the letter

Soodo said...

Dear Mr Tan
All forms of dialogue are good.

I am only respectfully quoting from my betters:

"We must be open to ideas and open to people. So long as they subscribe to our party ideals, our values and want to do well for Singapore and Singaporeans, we should be prepared to accept them."
DPM Teo Chee Hean

I'll not quote Minister Lim Swee Say since his views on hearing ability are well known to citizens.

ron said...

I do not expect any MP to come visit me and shake my hand, during or after elections. That is not expected.

What I expect is that the MP is available as and when I have issues with the Government or affiliated agencies.

I expect that when I seek assistance, I am being attended to.
Not to be refered to another agency or have my case handled by some assistant.

My experience with my MP is that she needs to sign up for a course in relationship management. I did not even get a reply to my email or my written slow mail.

Granted that any MP is a very busy person, but hey!, who wanted to be an MP in the first place?
Too bad if you cannot manage time.

So, too bad you are not getting my vote.. time for you to feel the force of joblessness. I suspect there are many other jobs that you could do, yet it is the lack of influence and authority that will annoy you the most.I am certain you or your family will never ever starve, never face crowded trains or worry about having sufficient funds to live out the rest of your lives.

Hopefully you may experience a more realistic human existence and have time to reflect, to explain to your god... or do you have one?

michael13 said...

General Election is about returning power to the people. It's about allowing the democratic process to take place by giving every citizen a chance to vote. It's not about offering apologies and saying 'sorry' twice. Certainly, it's not about repentance(too sinful to suggest that).

For me, I will assess the performance of the incumbent party's performance for the past five(5) years in both vertical and horizontal manner. The progress made in terms of the economic entity/quantity of achievements and nationhood building/quality of life. The issue of withdrawing the estate upgrading does not bother me. Singapore is too small a place to play this kind of threatening game. Imagine when the discerning voters decide to vote three(3) Opposition GRCs into the Parliament this time round, can we still proceed smoothly with our integration without active paticipation of this group of angry residents in the mentioned three(3) GRCs because they choose(their rights) to do so? Our dream of becoming 'One Nation, One People, One Singapore' will be severely shattered. The costs of disintegrating our beloved country is just too high to pay. Furthermore, what is the point for many Singaporeans to cry along with our respected MM Lee some 46 years ago when he announced Singapore being booted out of Malaysia?

Come May 7th, I will vote wisely and without fear. Stand up for Singapore!!

Alien said...

PAP government play a role in the world polity stage during the cold war. The cold war has ended in early-1990. Will the same leadership is still effective in an new era of 2000s?

Spur said...

To Ron:

Don't worry about making your PAP MP jobless. They are only 10%-20% part-time MPs. The other 80++% of her time, she is focusing on her highly paid full-time job. Apparently the $14K MP allowance is not enough for her.

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