Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Vote buying

This citizen is disgusted with a minister giving ang pow to the elderly, which she say is similar to vote buying. Letter to SGEP

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Redstar said...

My understanding is these types of freebies / handouts benefited the people closer to the inner circle. Those close to grassroots management have first hand knowledge. By the time others knew about it, the freebies of say 100 ~ 200 in quantity would be gone. I think fairness & accountability are important criteria in such exercise, as if not properly executed, it may backfire.

I know of this guy in my area who has been unemployed for the last 5 years. He is in the PMET category, probably cannot find suitable work due to structural unemployment & competition from younger, faster & cheaper foreigners. He did not receive any direct assistance from the state. While others received workfare bonuses all these years, he received his property tax & TV licence bills on time.

Do you think the PAP has a plan for him? Definitely not, for the last 5 years when they were in power. Would he bet on them again for the next 5 years? The Japanese has been know to be a ruthless race in WW2, yet they know better to take care of their own people by not importing excessive foreign competition. We could take a lesson from them instead of helping the elites of our society justify their agenda through embracing MERITOCRACY. Which other countries in the world have this concept of meritocracy?

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