Monday, May 02, 2011

Threatening the people of Aljunied

When will he stop?
Does he know no other way of persuading people?
Did he forecast wrongly that led to the development of the current situation in Singapore, and Aljunied in particular?
Will he be threatening all other Singaporeans too?

More and more people are angry and disgusted by MM's raw threat to the people of Aljunied.
Why is he so desperate?

I had a conversation on this matter with my wife. I said I was surprised that MM and the SMs and other Ministers are so worried about losing incumbent Minister George Yeo, that he is made out to be so indispensable to the PAP and the nation. Then my wife uttered the mother of all philosophical remarks: "What if Minister George Yeo were to die tomorrow, by natural causes? What will MM, the SMs, the Ministers, the PAP and the nation will do?" I was stumped, of course, at the simplicity with which she dispensed the ridiculous notion of indispensability of anyone, be it MM. the SMs, the Ministers, and the others.

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rex said...

rex comments as follows,

I have a message for George Yeo.
Please join the opposition.
You are without a doubt, more intelligent than the masters you serve.
Do not denegrate your hitherto righteous character and subjugate yourself to false gods who considers opponents as sinners needing to repent.


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