Thursday, May 05, 2011

Why vote for Workers Party - Gerald Giam

Dear Mr Tan,
Polling Day is just two days away, on 7 May 2011. As you are aware, I am contesting as a Workers' Party candidate for East Coast GRC.
I would like to request your help in spreading the word and encouraging your friends and family who live in East Coast GRC (Bedok, Fengshan, Siglap, Changi, Simei) to please give me their support. I have visited almost all the HDB flats and landed properties in the constituency of 120,000 voters, however your word is still more powerful on your friends than my word is.
Below are some talking points you could consider forwarding to your friends. It's from my election rally speech last night. Please forward it to your friends, and ask them to forward it to their friends and family.
Thank you and happy voting!


I will ask all my friends and readers of my blog, who lives in East Coast GRC, to support and vote Gerald Giam, Png Eng Huat, Glenda Han and the other members of the WP team. I wish them all the best. Plrease read this message from Gerald Giam

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