Thursday, May 05, 2011

SDP rally at noon at UOB Plaza

I will be speaking as a guest speaker at the SDP rally to be held on 5 May noon at UOB Plaza. Look forward to see you there.

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Benjamin said...

Dear Mr Tan,

I was there at the rally and as I saw all the SDP speakers speak, I thought that it would have been a good opportunity if the representatives of the different parties could appear together and speak to the crowd. The reason being that while all the speeches would have struck a chord with those present, the audience will likely not be the voters in the constituencies that SDP is contesting in. Some may go away thinking - ah, if only the SDP was contesting in my area.

(like Dr Paul Tambyah, I was deprived of my right to vote by 35 seconds. I am now a rarity in Singapore, not having voted in my entire existence of 38 years. I hope you can let me exercise my right to vote in the next few months.)

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