Thursday, May 05, 2011

Ministers with no responsibilities

Dear Mr. Tan
Please post this view in your blog.
I live in Bishan Toa Payoh, My family will all be voting for Mr. Chiam See Tong of the SPP. I want to share our reasons.
Why do we still need Mr. Wong KS of the PAP to continue as Deputy Prime Minster, when he actually has nothing to do? He has already given up the portfolio of the Home Affairs Ministry. The $3 million in salary that he draws each year can be better spent to help the needy and the poor.
I also find it a waste of public funds to pay the high salaries for Mr. Goh CT and Mr Lee KY.
If these people are willing to donate all of their salary to charity, and still enjoy the other perks of government, I will change my opinion of them.
I heard from a friend that several of our ministers own many properties outside of Singapore. Is it possible for the new Parliament to ask all office holders to declare their assets, as is the practice in many countries?
Thank you.

You have good points. Perhaps the other votes in Singapore will bear these points in mind when they cast their vote on 7 May.


rex said...

rex comments as follows,
Yes i support the writer's views, and i ask opposition parties to carry out audits too of whether RC funds were used to charter buses of old aunties from RC's to attend the PAP rallies (Mr Chan Chun Seng, the "minister material" army boy default new MP of tangjong pagar, stupidly supplied information implicating the assumption above, in a you tube video).
I also noted some PAP posters were lighted up in Serangoon Garden Circus with lights from public electricity supply posts. Need to investigate. PAP party money should be used to promote PAP activities, do not mix public funds and pap funds. Full accountability and transparency can only arise from voting Opposition.


Ericka said...

hey, i would take chiam see tong anyday. His team will show up every week like potong pasir residents said.
Whats the use of voting minister when he will leave 1 newbie mp at home and never turn up for 5 yrs?

Comparing them personality wise its justice vs injustice. CST is a fighter for people.

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