Sunday, September 27, 2015

What's Wrong #4 - DBS Ideal 3 system

The Ideal 3 platform is used in corporate banking. It is a badly designed system.

Recently, I added two new staff as Beneficiaries to pay salary to them. I had to navigate through many confusing options, some of which appear to be duplicated and make many clicks to complete the process.

Although I had been using the system for two years, I keep getting confused with the workflow.

I encountered an unexpected problem. One staff appeared in my list of Beneficiaries in the payment screen, but the other staff could not be located. I checked and found that both staff records were listed as Beneficiaries in another screen.

I had to call the DBS helpline and explain my problem to the staff. I had to take her through many steps in the website for her to understand my problem.

What's wrong?
The hotline staff told me that there was a bug in their system. When I selected the bank for the the staffs, I had chosen DBS Bank for one staff and DBS Bank Ltd for the other staff.

She said that many other customers have encountered the same problem. They had put a request to the IT department to remove the wrong entry from the system.

The problem was actually more complicated. Both of my staff had POSB bank accounts. I could not find POSB, so I had to try DBS Bank.

How to put it right
DBS Bank should change the manager in charge of this platform. I have encountered dozens of problems with this system since its launch two years ago. Even now, I keep getting unexpected problems.

They should also provide a separate entry for POSB bank, even though it refers to the same code as DBS Bank. Many employees have POSB accounts and the user may not be aware that POSB is the same as DBS Bank.


Anonymous said...

Not only user not aware of posb but I think the foreign programmer also unaware that posb & DBS are related

Kin Lian Tan said...

The manager in charge of this platform is a local Singaporean. He should be aware about it.

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