Saturday, October 03, 2015

GPS Navigation Software - AGIS and Google Map

I started to use the GPS Navigation system about 10 years ago. I found it to be very useful. I bought the special device from AGIS, which is a local company. I encouraged my friends to use them.

I found some difficulty in using their system. I provided feedback to AGIS on how to improve their system. They were practical suggestions on how to make their system easier to use for the ordinary users.

They were not listening. They gave many reasons why my suggestion could not be implemented.

Recently, I changed to Google Maps on my Android phone. I must say that their design is perfect. i do not have any issue with it. They seem to have given a lot of thought on how to make their app really easy to use, and to suit the ordinary people.

I was told that Google bought the software from an app developer.

If our local company AGIS had been listening, they could have improved their software and  sold their software to Google for a few  hundred million dollars.

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