Sunday, September 27, 2015

What's wrong #6 - Jobs Bank

The Jobs Bank was created by the Government to give priority for locals in searching for suitable jobs in Singapore.

The employers have to advertise the jobs in the Jobs Bank for a certain period and show that locals are not available before they can employ foreigners on work pass.

I have heard from many sources that the Jobs Bank is not achieving its goal. It has produced disappointing results.

I have tried to advertise jobs in the Jobs Bank and have received application from foreigners, rather than locals.

What's wrong?
Many employers find that the Jobs Bank are not helping them to get suitable local applicants. Perhaps, there is a real shortage of workers.

Some employers prefer foreign workers who have to stay with the job for the contract term. They are also more hard working and less prone to complain. They are not called up for reservist duty.

How to put it right
The Government should provide sufficient incentive for employers to employ local workers. The incentives should be offset the negative aspects of employing locals, such as the disruption caused by reservist duty and the cost due to job hopping.

Locals who are serious about getting a job should develop the job skills and should be assured that they will be employed, after getting the suitable skills.

We have to deal with this challenge effectively. We have to replace the half-hearted attempts that were adopted in the past, which had failed. A fresh approach is needed.

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