Saturday, October 03, 2015

Abuse of power

 In 1965, the government introduced Operation Cold Store to detain people whom they labeled as "communists". At that time, the newspapers painted a bad image of the detainees.

Many people now know the fuller facts from other side. Some of the detainees were wrongfully detained on allegations that were not substantiated. The families of the detainees were destroyed by the government action. Some  people consider the government action to be an abuse of their power.

This is what happens when the power is absolute and there is no check against the abuse of power.  This is also what happens when the ordinary people have full trust in the government to exercise its power honestly. This blind trust could lead to abuse of power.

During the early years of Hitler's Germany, many ordinary Germans felt that it was right for Hitler to act against the Jews, communists and trade unionists. It was necessary for the security of their country at that time. We now know what had happened.

It is dangerous for ordinary people to give absolute power to their leaders. The abuse of power may affect other people, but it could be your turn one day.

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