Friday, October 02, 2015

Win sports medals "fairly"

Hi Mr Tan,
I just read some article and comments on facebook regrading china bought player winning silver for singapore in a recent table tennis Asean championship. There are some comment saying that we singaporean ancestor are immigrant of china and we should respect this.

I have a few thoughts i like to share with you.

There are always people mentioning that singaporeans are immigrant from china and india and we should still allow this culture as singapore is a diverse country. What they do not realize is that, this happen 100 years ago during colony time.

Their logic are telling me that, spanish immigrant to america and african taken from africa to america as slaves 100 years ago. So current america should let in the whole of spanish and african freely.

Coming to foreigner bought talent to play for games. This have been a topic for decade. Personally i felt that this is not an honorable thing, nothing to be proud of. If its a singaporean, born, breed, train and fought for singapore in the game, then its a true pride. Even if he does not get qualify or a gold medal(like how we been doing for world cup) it is still an honorable try and we have to face it that singaporean is at that level and try harder next time.

Buying players from china to play for singapore is not an honorable thing. This make many young singaporean loses interest in sport or become a full time athletics. This is very unhealthy for singapore.

I agree with your views. If we want to win medals, we should win them "fairly".

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