Tuesday, September 29, 2015

We need private sector experience in the cabinet

Mat Alamak said:
Basically almost all ministers and junior ones, past and new, and including PM and DPM, are from the following categories.
1. ex senior civil servant
2. ex university academic
3. ex senior SAF officer
4. ex stat board/GLC senior officer

For those from private sector, only Dr Ng Eng Hen and Shanmugam (previously in private practice as doctor and lawyer respectively) have made it to minister level.
So without much diversity in terms of private sector business and non profit areas, there is a danger that they may think alike and even reinforce each other. And this may not bode well for the future of Sinkies.

I agree with this observation. The cabinet lacks entrepreneurs and private sector business, people who have faced competitive challenges, and found the practical answer through trial and error. (Even the doctor and lawyer from the private sector lack this type of challenge).

We lack the entrepreneurial spirit in dealing with our long term problems, such as an aging and declining population, loss of productivity, high cost of living and others.

Our cabinet ministers lack the willingness to take risks, to experiment, to make mistakes and to take responsibility. They like to "play safe".

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