Sunday, September 27, 2015

Myanmar adopts a hybrid system

My friend told me about the system adopted in Myanmar to appoint the government.

The people vote for their representatives in Parliament. However, the military is allowed to nominate their people to fill up 25% of the seats. The direct voting is for the remaining 75% of seats.

Parliament elects the President to run the country. The President is not directly elected by the people.

The President can appoint his ministers from inside or outside Parliament.

The system in Myanmar is a hybrid system. It follows the British system - where the Parliament elects the head of the government.  However, it follows the French system where the President can appoint his ministers from inside or outside of Parliament.

However, my friend considered the privilege given to the military to appoint 25% of the MPs to be undemocratic.

A hybrid system is suitable for Singapore. It is important to give room for the Prime Minister to appoint his cabinet from outside of Parliament, as the suitable candidates may not be found among the 89 MPs.

The candidates to be appointed as ministers should be approved by Parliament.

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