Monday, November 16, 2015

A simple case of mis-selling.

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Anonymous said...

Not only Prudential endowment is miss-sold all the endowments of other insurance companies are being miss-sold.
Let me ask this question, "Can endowment with only at the BEST return 3% over 30 years a good bloody plan to save for retirement"?
What is the inflation rate? 1%? 2%?..these are the favorites of insurance conmen and women. They always make their products look good by quoting inflation as low as possible.. There are even more daring insurance conmen who would use FD rate as make their endowment return look even better. These are the conmen and women who would stoop to anything to CONvince their clients. Is MAS aware of this? I am sure MAS is aware but bochap so long the insurance companies continue to bring in more business via their conmen and women.
So, What is average inflation over the LONG TERM? it is about 4% So? Are the endowments in the market give positive real return? NO! No! it is loss!!!!!!
No wonder Singaporean cannot retire. The refrain is always "Money not enough"
NONE of the endowments can EVER achieve for the man in the street their goals

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