Monday, November 16, 2015

Ugly truth behind investment linked policies.

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Anonymous said...

All regular ILPs are scam..please don't don't touch this poison. It is going to slowly kill you , financially.
Mr. Tan, while managing NTUC INcome you designed one ILP called ID2 which was the best in the market and today many of the policyholders who bought this product can testify that it was a low cost compared to the rest of the market regular ILPs. Many of these policyholders have been seeing profit since a few years ago. Sad to say, this product was discontinued for whatever reason, likely because the commission was low but actually it was good for agents and buyers. It has been replaced by another regular ILPs called Vivolink whcih has no link at all to its predeccesor the is a scam ILP like all other regular ILPs which breaks even in donkey years time, maybe not in the lifetime of the buyer.
I don't know how many victims have been created already...

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