Monday, November 16, 2015

Simple tips for Starhub to improve its service

A senior person in Starhub referred me to the person in charge of the Enterprise service. I sent this email to hi.

The problems that I faced (and it has been going on for a few years) are:

1. When I call 1631, the hotline staff does not know about the Argonar service.
2. When an expert calls me back, he does not give me a personal number that I can call him back (if there continues to be trouble).

1. Give a separate number that your customer can call on Argonar. Do not ask your customer to call a general number - 1631.
2. Give a personal number to your experts that have to troubleshoot the issue with the customer.Do not waste the time of your customer in trying to call back an expert. You are a telephone company. Allow your customer to contact your expert directly. Millions of people have personal numbers for their friends to contact. Can Starhub also provide this essential service?

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